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Errors about proxy servers

In you look inside the client API package you will find a file called GoorooRESTClient.exe.config which contains the technical configuration for running the client API software. If you can’t see this file then you may need to show hidden files, for instance by opening the folder in Windows Explorer and then going to Organize… Folder and search options… View… Show hidden files, folders, and drives… OK.

Towards the end of the file there is some XML code which says this:

<defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials=”true” enabled=”true”>
<proxy autoDetect=”True” />

In a large network (like those in NHS organisations) there is often a proxy server, in between your local machine and the internet, which handles the internet traffic for your system. This would be an NHS server and nothing to do with Gooroo. The XML code above tells the client API to detect the proxy settings that already exist on your system and use them when making the internet connection.

If your system prohibits proxy servers then you can try deleting the snippet of XML code quoted above. If that does the trick, then great.

Or your IT colleagues can edit this XML code if it doesn’t reflect the way that your IT system works. For instance, if your IT system does not use a proxy server then they can change this code to reflect that. If your IT colleagues would like to seek any advice directly from our developers then we would be happy to arrange a phone call or WebEx with them. The options available for this code are published by Microsoft here.