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How can I quickly run through different waiting times scenarios?

If you’ve set up your dataset with no waiting time target specified (i.e. nothing for TgtMaxWait) then you can use Dataset Settings to quickly generate different waiting times scenarios.

Start the Report Wizard (e.g. from the Dataset Manager, click the icon beside your dataset to create a report.

In Step 2 select “Edit Dataset Settings” and “Edit Calculation Settings”.

In Step 3, under the heading “Waiting list management” for the first item “Future target waiting times” use the dropdown to select “Greater than or equal to 0”; a box will appear, and you can enter your waiting time scenario there as a number.

In Step 4, under the heading “Future activity”, use the dropdown beside “Future activity should” to select “Match waiting list targets”.

Run through the rest of the wizard as usual, and your report will be based on the waiting time target you selected.