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How do I account for trend growth in demand?

Gooroo tales account of trend growth in demand. It applies it simultaneously with seasonality, on a basis that is consistent in both the main reports and the weekly profiles.

The dataset field is called “Growth” and (for example) if you want to assume -1% annual growth in demand for a particular service then you would put -0.01 under Growth for that service.

You can also apply a default growth assumption, to be applied to all services where growth is not specified in the dataset, using the Dataset Settings (it’s the first drop-down). You will have an opportunity to edit the Dataset Settings when you run the reports wizard to perform the calculations.

If you want to apply broad-brush assumptions that differ between (say) different activity types, you can use the Update button to apply them quickly across a dataset. For example, if you were to update a dataset with this:
(and those HeadTypes matched the ones in the main dataset) then Update would automatically apply 3% growth to all NonElec services and -1% growth to all Elective services.