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How do I run a model on for the next time period?

If you want to run-on a model that starts where the previous model left off, this can easily be done by running a new model to start with the waiting list size achieved at the end of the previous modelling period.

The steps are:

1) Run the model for your first time period.

2) Download the Report from the this first model, and open it in a spreadsheet. You are going to strip this huge file down to a minimum, and use it to update your dataset with the list size at the start of the new future period.

3) Delete all columns except a) the headers in use (that’s all columns with a field name beginning Head, where the rest of the column is not blank; e.g. HeadSpec for specialty and HeadType for activity type) and b) the column headed ResWLSize (which contains the list size achieved at the end of this model’s future period).

4) Rename ResWLSize as FutWLStart (this field will set the list size at the start of the future period in your second model). Save the file in CSV format.

5) Make a copy of the dataset used to create your first model. This is the dataset for your second model.

6) Use the Update button to import into your second dataset the file you saved at step 4 above. (If you wish to overwrite any prior FutWLStart values then change the tickbox about overwriting existing values).

7) Re-run the calculations with your second dataset. Change the calculation settings so that the future period starts when the first model ended.