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Misalignment / not displaying properly in Internet Explorer 6 or IE7

If you’re getting misalignment in the Gooroo Planner Reports view, or things not appearing on the page where you’d expect, then you probably have a rather ancient browser like Internet Explorer 6 (released in 2001 or IE7 (released 2006).

Web developers face an awkward choice: either design web pages for IE6/7 (and have it look terrible in standards-compatible browsers), or design for standards-compatible browsers (and have it look terrible in IE6/7). At Gooroo we have gone for the latter choice, and hope you’ll understand why.

We do make sure that everything on our website will function correctly on all those browsers (even if it doesn’t always look pretty on IE6/7). On the one hand, that does limit the features we can use, but on the other hand it means that you don’t have to beg your IT people to install a decent browser on your computer before you can use Gooroo. Nevertheless, if you can get a decent browser, you’ll find everything on the web works a lot better (including NHS websites). IE8 onwards is OK, Firefox is OK, Chrome is currently best; and do make sure you get Flash installed into the browser too if you want to use our simulator products.